Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me)

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Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me)
Studio album by Lena Zavaroni
Released 1974 Re-released 2012
Genre Pop
Label Philips Records (UK, 1974)
Stax Records (US, 1974)
Pickwick Group Ltd (UK, 2012)
Lena Zavaroni chronology
Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me)
If My Friends Could See Me Now

Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me) [1] is the debut album by Scottish singer Lena Zavaroni, released in 1974 on Philips Records.

In 1977, Tina Arena and John Bowles recorded a version for their album "Tiny Tina and Little John".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me)" Conrad/Clare [2]
  2. "The End Of The World" Dee/Kent [3]
  3. "Swinging On A Star" Burke/Van Heusen [3]
  4. "Help Me Make It Through the Night" Kristofferson [3]
  5. "Cross My Heart Scott" [3]
  6. "My Mammy" Donaldson/Lewis/Young [4]
  7. "Rock-A-Bye Your Baby (with a dixie melody)" Lewis/Young/Schwartz [2]
  8. "Country Roads" Denver [4]
  9. "Pennies From Heaven" Johnstone [4]
  10. "Love Can Make The World Go Around" Scott [3]
  11. "My Happiness" Bergantine/Peterson [3]
  12. "River Deep Mountain High" Spector/Greenwich/Barry [3]


Additional personnel
  • Arrangements
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  • Album produced by Tommy Scott for Ashtree Holdings Ltd.

Chart positions[edit]

Year Country Position References
1974 United Kingdom 8 [1][2]