Mały Powstaniec

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Little Insurgent
Mały Powstaniec
Pomnik Malego Powstanca.JPG
Coordinates 52°14′59″N 21°0′34″E / 52.24972°N 21.00944°E / 52.24972; 21.00944Coordinates: 52°14′59″N 21°0′34″E / 52.24972°N 21.00944°E / 52.24972; 21.00944
Location Warsaw Old Town, Warsaw, Poland
Designer Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz
Material Bronze sculpture
Completion date 1 October 1983
Dedicated to The child soldiers of the Warsaw Uprising

Mały Powstaniec (the "Little Insurgent") is a statue in commemoration of the child soldiers who fought and died during the Warsaw Uprising. It is located on Podwale Street, next to the ramparts of Warsaw’s Old Town.

The statue is of a young boy wearing a helmet too large for his head and holding a submachine gun. It is reputed to be of a fighter who went by the pseudonym of Antek, who was killed August 8, 1944 at the age of 13. The helmet and submachine gun are stylized after German equipment, which was captured during the uprising and used by the insurgents against the occupying forces.

Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz[1] created the design for the monument in 1946, which was used to make smaller copies of its present state. The statue was unveiled on October 1, 1983 by a Professor Jerzy Świderski – a cardiologist who during the uprising was a messenger code runner named ‘Lubicz’ in the ‘Gustaw’ regiment of the Home Army. Behind the statue is a wall with the engraved words of a popular song from the period: ‘Warsaw's children we go to fight, for every stone of yours, we'll give our blood’.


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