Socialist Struggle Movement

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Socialist Struggle Movement
תנועת מאבק סוציאליסטי
حركة النضال الاشتراكي
Founded 1999 (1999)
Ideology Socialism
Political position Far-left
International affiliation Committee for a Workers' International
Colors Red
Politics of Israel
Political parties
Members of Ma'avak Sotzialisti marching in 2008

Socialist Struggle Movement (Hebrew: תנועת מאבק סוציאליסטי‎, Arabic: حركة النضال الاشتراكي‎) is a Trotskyist organization in Israel and Palestine. It is affiliated to the Committee for a Workers' International.

It actively campaigns against capitalism and neoliberalism, against workers' exploitation, against the Israeli occupation and the national oppression and expropriation of the Palestinians and against imperialist wars.

Workers Struggles[edit]

The organization supported the strike of printers in Yediot Aharonot against management attempts to break their union.[1] They supported the dockers strike against privatization in 2000[2] and in 2004 and argued for the dock workers to defy court orders banning the strike.[3] They organized protests against the workplace bullying of warehouse staff by Osem management.[4][5] It has been involved in the struggle for creating a united front of contract security guards[6] and in the struggle of contract Postal workers for permanent status.[7]

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict[edit]

The organization attempts to put forward a class position, stressing the common interests of Israeli and Palestinian workers. It opposes the Israeli acts of repression against the Palestinians as well as indiscriminate attacks against Israeli workers.[8] Socialist Struggle Movement opposed the 2006 Lebanon War[9]


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