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Bal Sundari Mandir also known as Chaiti Mandir, is the most famous temple in Kashipur. During Navratras in March a grand fair is held here every year. The fair draws thousands of pilgrims and devotees from far-flung areas.[1][2] Devotees throng the temple to offer their prayers to the revered Goddess.

The temple has a simple structure with a central dome housing the idol of the Devi Bal Sundari. The structure of the temple resembles a mosque which may be due to its construction during Mughal period. There is a legend which relates the construction of this temple to Mughal themselves, hence the influence of Muslim architecture. There are many trees on the temple premises such as Vat, Peepal and Sahtoot, including a partially burnt Kadamb tree. According to the temple priests, ancestral legend deems that this Kadamb tree was once set on fire by a tantrik with occult powers. The tantrik then challenged the priest to revive the tree. The priest got into meditation and worshipped the Goddess. It is believed that his prayers brought the tree back to life. The devotees believe that since then this tree has remained in the same condition.

A grand fair known as Chaiti Mela is organized each year at this temple in the month of Chaitra (March–April) which is an attraction fr entire region.


The chaiti fair is held by Ajay kumar Agnihotry and two other families Ajay Agnihotry ji is the main part of the fair