Maang language

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Native to China
Region Funing County, Yunnan
Ethnicity Yi
Native speakers
unknown (5,000 cited 1982)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Linguist list

Maang (Chinese: 么昂话; autonym: maːŋ˧ or mӕ̱aŋ˧) or Mo'ang (Chinese: 未昂话; autonym: mɯaŋ˥˩) is a Lolo-Burmese language of Wenshen Prefecture, Yunnan, China and northern Vietnam.

Lama (2012) classifies it with Mantsi as the most divergent branch of Lolo–Burmese.


Mo'ang is spoken in the following locations of Funing County, Yunnan and Guangxi according to Wu (1993).

  • Longyang 龙洋, Banlun township 板仑乡
  • Longmai 龙迈, Banlun township 板仑乡
  • Mula 木腊, Banlun township 板仑乡
  • Ligong 里拱, Lida township 里达镇
  • Zhechang 者长
  • Dana 达那
  • Nianbi 念必


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