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For the dairy product, see amasi.

Maas is the name, in English borrowed from the Dutch language, of a river that is also named Meuse (river), in English borrowed from French language. The practical use in English may be influenced by the context at a lower or upper stream location.


Maas also is a Dutch and North German surname. It can be toponymic ("from the Maas river"), but usually is of patronymic origin (Maas being a nickname for Thomas).[1] The surname is quite common in the Netherlands, ranking 43rd in 2007 (16,070 people).[2] People with this name include:



  • Metal as a Service, a provisioning system for Ubuntu Server, designed for people who need to deploy many servers quickly.

See also[edit]

  • Amasi, or Maas in Afrikaans - a fermented milk drink
  • Maes, French and Flemish spelling of the surname
  • Maass, German surname

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