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Country of origin Netherlands
Region Huizen
Source of milk Cows
Pasteurised Yes
Texture Semi-hard
Fat content 30-48%
Aging time Up to 10 months
Certification No

Maaslander is a brand name for a Gouda, semi-hard cheese from Westland Cheese Specialties BV from Huizen, Netherlands. Maaslander is one of the first Dutch cheese brands but it isn't a protected designation of origin. Just the green and yellow stripes, also the name lander are protected.

Regular Dutch Gouda cheese contains a lot of salt from the use of brine in the production, this can lead to hypertension. So the company began producing the Maaslander at a factory in Arkel in 1978. This cheese, slightly shallower, with a shorter time of immerse, resulted in a lower salinity and a mild flavored cheese. Due to the shorter curing, the cheese contains more milk fluid. Massive advertising campaigns have achieved rapid recognition among consumers worldwide.[citation needed]

Cheese Factories outside the Netherlands also produce Maaslander cheese, for example in Flensburg, Germany.

Westland specializes in the sale of branded cheese. Old Amsterdam is also a brand of the company.

Maaslander types[edit]

  • 30+ matured
  • 48+ slightly matured (green / yellow stripes)
  • 48+ matured (red / yellow stripes)

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