Maatkare B

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Maatkare B
Queen consort of Egypt
Statue CG42194 Legrain.jpg
Statue of the High Priest of Amun Shoshenq, mentioning his parents Osorkon I and Maatkare. Cairo, CG 42194
Spouse Pharaoh Osorkon I
Issue Shoshenq C
Dynasty 22nd Dynasty
Father Psusennes II
N5 C10 D28
in hieroglyphs

Maatkare B was a wife of pharaoh Osorkon I and the mother of the High Priest of Amun Shoshenq C. Maatkare was the daughter of Psusennes II (also known as Pasebkhanut II).[2]

Maatkare is known from several sources. A statue of the Nile-god - now in the British Museum (BM 8) - was dedicated by his son Shoshenq C, and he lists his parents as Osorkon I and Maatkare. Maatkare is called the King's Daughter of ... Har-Psusennes II, beloved of Amun. On a statue from the Karnak Cachette (Cairo Museum CG 42194), also dedicated by her son Shoshenq, Maatkare has the titles Prophetess of Hathor, Lady of Dendera, God's Mother of Harsomtus, and King's Daughter.[3]

A Karnak inscription on the seventh pylon names a woman called Maatkare, King's Daughter of Psusennes Beloved of Amun, and this is usually though to refer to Maatkare B.[3]


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