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Mac Thorcáill, sometimes spelt Mac Torcáill, is an Irish surname of Norse origin. The family & surname originates from Thorkell, a great Norse warrior and King of Dublin until 1133 when he was forced to flee Ireland to the Scotland Highlands during a Norman invasion[citation needed]. It is often said the Norse became more Irish then the Irish themselves because they adopted Irish Gaelic surnames, spoke the Irish language and intermarried with the locals. Thorkell's 3 sons all became Kings of Dublin and his 3rd son[citation needed] Hasculf Thorgillsson (Irish: Asgall mac Torcáill) was the last Norse King of Dublin, he too was forced to flee at the hands of invasion and this time joined family & allies in the Scottish highlands which had been acquired during his father's exile. Anglisications of Corgill, Corkill, Therkell, Orgill, Argyll & McArgyle.


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Mac Thorcáill (Surname)