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Macario De Souza (born 14 June 1983) is an Australian filmmaker.

Macario is the youngest of the three children of Macario Snr and Maria De Souza, who immigrated from Minas Gerais, Brazil, in the mid-1970s and settled in Sydney, Australia. Macario's parents provided a traditional Brazilian influence in Macario's and his two sisters, Glenda and Ingrid's lives growing up. After attending Matraville public primary school, Macario went on to complete his HSC at South Sydney High School, graduating as school captain. During his time at south Sydney high school, Macario explored music and film projects. "I was always in and out of punk rock bands in school but it wasn't until the 'Bra Boys' film that I got the chance to professionally record my music". Macario displayed an interest in film from around the age of 14 when he borrowed his sister's Hi-8 camera. After that, Macario regularly went out and filmed his good friends Mark Mathews and Richie Vaculik surfing at Maroubra beach.[citation needed]


Macario was in the minority of his circle of friends, as he applied for and was accepted into university. "Maroubra is a party town. It is very easy to fall in that trap. I put in the hard yards at a crucial period through my teens. While everyone else was on the drink and on benders every weekend, I was putting in the work.”

Macario went on to study film and music production in a bachelor of fine arts degree, majoring in time-based art at COFA (College of Fine Arts) at the University of NSW.

Film and television[edit]

Since graduating university, Macario has produced two short films, Ours and The Hard Way, the feature length documentary Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker than Water, two eight-episode seasons of the reality television show Football Superstar for Foxtel, and a six-part documentary called South Side Story featuring Russell Crowe and the battle for the Rabbitohs football club.

Macario's first feature film, Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker than Water, was shot locally in and around Maroubra and edited in his family's apartment near Maroubra beach. It is presented as a documentary encompassing the lifestyle and ideals of the "Bra Boys" brotherhood. It portrays members of the Bra Boys reflecting on both the benefits and difficulties of growing up in Maroubra. Narrated by Russell Crowe, Bra Boys features three of Macario's original compositions in the soundtrack, which were written and recorded for the film.[citation needed]

Macario completed shooting his second feature length film, Fighting Fear, in 2011. The film features Macario's two best friends and fellow Bra Boy members that he grew up with, big wave surfer Mark Matthews and Mixed Martial Arts champion Richie Vaculik. Macario describes the film as "a story of friendship and redemption".


After Bra Boys, Macario began building his brand, marketing himself with his music under the name of Kid Mac. He has collaborated musically and toured with these Australian and international recording artists;.[citation needed]

  • Mat McHugh and The Beautiful Girls (Aus)
  • Mickey Avalon (USA)
  • Marcello D2 (Brazil)
  • Bliss N Esso (Aus)
  • The Game (USA)
  • Natiruts (Brazil)
  • Lil John (USA)
  • Dirt Nasty (USA)

Macario remains an ambassador for the education of youth about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.[citation needed] In September, Macario De Souza, Richie Vaculik and Mark Mathews featured on the ABC'S show "Australian Story". The episode depicted Macario, Mark and Richie recounting their experiences with alcohol related incidents as teenagers and the lifelong consequences that can ensue from the pattern behaviour. In February, Macario became an ambassador for Feb Fast 2012, an organisation that raises money for alcohol related problem awareness.

Macario De Souza will release his first LP in April 2012.[citation needed]


Film & Television Year Accolades
Ours 2004 Mambo Snap off the lip Surf film festival award, Youth Week Film Festival Award, Tracks Surfing Magazine DVD compilation
The Hard Way 2005 Mambo Snap off the lip Surf Film Festival
Bra Boys: Blood is Thicker than Water 2007 Narrated by Russell Crowe, Best documentary Film Ink Awards, Best Documentary X- Dance movie of the year, Best Documentary Surfer poll Awards 2008, Best Picture Mostra Film Festival
Football Superstar 2009/2010 Foxtel Reality Television
South Side Story 2011 Narrated by Russell Crowe
Fighting Fear 2011 Theatrical Release, Best performing Australian Documentary in Australian cinema's in 2011,

Narrated by Joel Edgerton, Features 11 time world champion Kelly Slater, Bj Penn, Bruce Irons...


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