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The Macau Daily Times front page on April 4, 2008.

The Macau Daily Times (Chinese: 澳門每日時報) is one of the three daily English-language newspapers published in Macau, Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, launched on June 1, 2007.[1]


The paper started life amongst one English and several Chinese and Portuguese language newspapers. It consists of between 20 and 36 pages.[2] Currently more than 30 journalists and contributors are working with the paper which includes a Director, Managing Editor, Contributing Editors, reporters and designers.

The newspaper, like all press in Macau (and Hong Kong), are protected by the Basic Law and Press Law, which upholds the freedom of the press in the enclave and restricting government regulation of the media. Journalists can protect their sources of information. An editorial on the website claims that the paper "is an independent and unbiased newspaper that voices every side's opinion."

Since March 1st, 2012, Mr Paulo Coutinho, an award-winning journalist with a +25 career in TV, magazines and newspapers is the director and editor-in-chief. Mr Kowie Geldenhuys is the Macau Daily Times founder and administrator.


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