Macedonian Alliance for European Integration

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Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (Macedonian Party)
Leader Edmond Temelko
Founded October 30, 2004[1]
Ideology Regionalism
Political position Centre-Right
International affiliation none
European affiliation none
1 / 373

The Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (Macedonian Party) (Macedonian: Македонска Алијанса за Европска Интеграција Albanian: Aleanca Maqedonase për Integrimin Europian) is a political party of the ethnic Macedonians in Albania. It was established on 30 October 2004 under the name Macedonian Alliance for European Integration and was registered as a political party on 8 June 2005.[2]

First Party Congress[edit]

The first congress of the party was held on 25 April 2009 in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. On the congress the party delegates made several major decisions:[1]

  • the statute and party program were adopted
  • a central committee was formed
  • the party leader was elected
  • the party name was changed from Macedonian Alliance for European Integration into Macedonian Party
  • decisions were made about establishing regional organizations of the party

2011 Census[edit]

In 2011, Macedonian Alliance for European Integration informed the mediums that Macedonians in Albania will boycott the Albanian Census of 2011.[3] Also, the party denied the results, based on the Census Law Amendments approved by the Albanian Parliament that established a fine of $1,000 to each person declaring unreal or partial data, specifically declaring ethnicity different to what is written in the birth certificate.[4]

Electoral results[edit]

2007 local elections[edit]

The party participated in 2007 Albanian local election,[5] obtaining 1.086[6] votes (0,08%) and gaining 4 councillor mandates: 1 in Trebisht and 3 in Liqenas,[7] and Edmond Temelko with 1.468 votes supported by PS, LSI, PSD, PDS and AD was elected as mayor of Liqenas.[8]

2009 parliamentary elections[edit]

The party participed in the 2009 Albanian parliamentary election and entered a coalition with the Democratic Party of Albania of prime minister Sali Berisha.[9]

2011 local elections[edit]

In the 2011 local elections of Albania, the Macedonian Party president Edmond Temelko war re-elected as mayor of Pustec Municipality.[10] The party received a plurality in two municipalities, Liqenas (28.5%) and Trebisht (19.6%). The party also received a significant percentage of votes in Bilisht, Pirg, and other regions bordering the Republic of Macedonia.[11]

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