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Pronunciation MAH-Chee-koh
Gender Female
Word/Name Japanese
Meaning Multiple different meanings depending on the kanji used
Region of origin Japan

Machiko (マチコ, まちこ?) feminine given name. The name is of Japanese origins[1] and can be written with the characters for know; wisdom (machi) and child (ko).[2] Although it can have a number of other different meanings depending on which kanji characters are used to write it. Machiko may also be written using the katakana or hiragana writing systems.

Possible writings[edit]

  • 真智子, "true, wisdom, child"
  • 真千子, "true, thousand, child"
  • 真治子, "true, govern, child"
  • 茉千子, "jasmine, thousand, child"
  • 舞稚子, "dance, young, child"
  • 舞地子, "dance, earth, child"
  • 茉茅子, "jasmine, miscanthus, child"
  • 茉智子, "jasmine, wisdom, child"


Fictional characters[edit]