Mackenzie River (Queensland)

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Origin Confluence of Nogoa and Comet Rivers
Mouth Confluence with the Fitzroy River
Basin countries Australia
Length 275 km (170 mi)
Basin area 12,992 km2 (5,016 sq mi)[1]

The Mackenzie River is a seasonal tributary of the Fitzroy River in Queensland, Australia. It is created by the intersection of the Comet and Nogoa rivers flowing from the Expedition Range in Central Queensland.[2]

It was discovered in 1844 by Ludwig Leichhardt, a German explorer who explored many parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory.[3]

The main tributaries of the Mackenzie River are the Isaac River, Connors River and Funnel Creek.[4] Bingegang Weir near Middlemount contains barramundi, southern saratoga and golden perch.[4] The Bedford Weir and Tartrus Weir are also stocked with barramundi. Bedford Weir is popular with water-skiers and camping is permitted here.[4]

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Coordinates: 23°04′04.6″S 148°40′43.3″E / 23.067944°S 148.678694°E / -23.067944; 148.678694