Mackenzie River (electoral district)

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Northwest Territories electoral district
Defunct federal electoral district
Legislature House of Commons
District created 1952
District abolished 1962
First contested 1953
Last contested 1958
For the river, see Mackenzie River

Mackenzie River was a federal electoral district in Northwest Territories, Canada, that was represented in the Canadian House of Commons from 1953 to 1963.

This riding was created in 1952 when Yukon—Mackenzie River riding was split into two. The parts within the Northwest Territories became Mackenzie River riding.

It was abolished in 1962 when it was merged into Northwest Territories riding.

It consisted the Provisional District of Mackenzie bounded on the west by the Yukon Territory; on the south by the parallel of the sixtieth degree of north latitude; on the east by the second meridian in the system of Dominion Land surveys, and on the north by the continental shore of the Arctic Ocean.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Parliament Years Member Party
Riding created from Yukon—Mackenzie River
22nd  1953 − 1957     Mervyn Arthur Hardie Liberal
23rd  1957 − 1958
24th  1958 − 1962
Riding dissolved into Northwest Territories

Election results[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1958
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Liberal Mervyn Arthur Hardie 2,782 57.22 -10.97
Prog. Conservative John H. Winter 2,080 42.78 +10.97
Total valid votes 4,862 100.0  
Liberal hold Swing -10.97
Canadian federal election, 1957
Party Candidate Votes % ∆%
Liberal Mervyn Arthur Hardie 2,686 68.19 +18.81
Prog. Conservative Harold E. Parkes 1,253 31.81 -6.73
Total valid votes 3,939 100.0  
Liberal hold Swing +12.77
Canadian federal election, 1953
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Mervyn Arthur Hardie 1,722 49.38
Prog. Conservative Albert Thomas Rivett 1,344 38.54
Independent Kenneth Conibear 421 12.07
Total valid votes 3,487 100.0  
This riding was created from parts of Yukon—Mackenzie River, where Liberal James Aubrey Simmons was the incumbent.

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