Mackintosh Braun

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Mackintosh Braun
Mackintosh Braun 2010.jpeg
Background information
Origin Portland, Oregon, USA
Genres Electro-Pop
Years active 2006–present
Labels Chop Shop Records, Atlantic Records, Universal Music Group
Website Official Site
Members Ian Mackintosh (pictured right)
Ben Braun (pictured left)

Mackintosh Braun is a Portland, Oregon-based Electro-Pop group signed to Atlantic / Chop Shop Records, a division of the Warner Music Group.[1][2] The duo is composed of Ian Mackintosh and Ben Braun, who share song-writing and production duties.[3] When performing live the outfit involve other musicians to fill out their sound, including at one point Ben’s father Michael Braun, a long-time drummer for Hall & Oates who has also played on a few of the group’s recordings.[3]

According to an interview in Spinner, the group's influences range from the Beatles to the Midnight Juggernauts, and the band's public presence has also led to profiles in Nylon and Audioholic Media.[4][5][6] The group's second album Where We Are was lauded by the Associated Press as one of 2010's most overlooked albums.[7]

In August of 2013 it was announced through The Hollywood Reporter that Mackintosh Braun was moving with Chop Shop Records to Universal Music Group's east coast label group, where their third album Arcadia will be released in spring 2014.[8]


According to a profile in the ABC Music Lounge, Mackintosh Braun was formed largely by accident:

Ben's father bought a new house through a realtor who knew Ian. The two got to talking about music, Ian's name came up, a tape was exchanged, and next thing you know Ben was playing Ian's music in his living room. "It blew me away," Ben recalls. "We didn't know each other at all, but immediately I realized we both want to hear the same things. Even now, when we're writing, he'll do something and I'll think, 'shit, I was going to do that.'" The pair began making music together. Then, when Ian was evicted from his apartment, he started crashing at Ben's studio and the band really took off. Following six months of feverish writing and recording, Mackintosh Braun emerged with their self-released debut, The Sound. The album included "Wake Up," an affecting electro-jam which perfectly captured the sound the duo was going for: ethereal and elegant but also deeply emotional. The track was selected for inclusion on an episode of the TV show Chuck and suddenly Mackintosh Braun had gone from a studio project between two music obsessives to a full-fledged band signed to Chop Shop.[9]

TV / Film Placements[edit]

Mackintosh Braun have received TV and film placement exposure, including on the television shows Chuck, How to Make It in America, The Carrie Diaries (TV series), Grey's Anatomy, and Gossip Girl.[9][10][11][12] The band's track "Frozen" was featured in the 2011 film The Beaver.[13] In February of 2014 it was announced that their new single "Never Give In" would be featured in the film adaptation of Veronica_Mars_(film) and on the soundtrack, both being released in March.[14]


Studio Albums:

  • The Sound (2007, Self-Published)
  • Where We Are (2010, Atlantic Records)[3]
  • Arcadia (Being released in the Spring of 2014 on Chop Shop/Island Records) [15]