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Macleay Press is a small press Australian publishing company founded in 1993 by Keith Windschuttle.

Authors published include Leonie Kramer, Michael Connor and Windschuttle.


Publications include:

  • John Dawson, (2004), Washout: On the academic response to the fabrication of Aboriginal history ISBN 1-876492-12-0
  • James Franklin, (2003), Corrupting the Youth: A history of philosophy in Australia, ISBN 1-876492-08-2
  • Leonie Kramer (ed), (1993), The Multicultural Experiment, ISBN 1-876492-10-4
  • Philippa Martyr, (2002), Paradise of Quacks: An alternative history of medicine in Australia 1788-2002, ISBN 1-876492-06-6
  • Keith Windschuttle, (1994), The Killing of History: How a Discipline is being Murdered by Literary Critics and Social Theorists
  • Keith Windschuttle, (2002), The Fabrication of Aboriginal History, Volume One: Van Diemen's Land 1803-1847
  • Keith Windschuttle, (2004), The White Australia Policy

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