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Mad Bomber Society playing at The Works Art & Design Festival June 23, 2006.

Mad Bomber Society is a Canadian six-piece ska band that was started in 1997 in Edmonton. After years of playing solely in Edmonton, they began touring Western Canada. Their first studio album (Atomic-A-Go-Go) was released in 2001, and their second (Butchers, Stompers & Cheats) in 2012. Their music is heavily influenced by the 2 Tone movement, and is also touched by traditional Jamaican ska, 1950s rockabilly, 1960s surf rock, and 1970s punk rock. They "[have] an insanely wild, dance crazed live show that is shaking the dance floors of the West." (


Atomic A-Go-Go - 2001

Baby's Getting Busted on compilation All-Skanadian IV - 2003 (Stomp Records)

Butchers, Stompers & Cheats - 2012


Members of Mad Bomber Society played in the 2004 Juno Awards' Juno Cup Charity Invitational Hockey Game. .[1]

They headlined the 2001 Prairie Music Awards in Edmonton and the Dawson City Music Festival, which was broadcast by CBC North radio service.

Mad Bomber Society has played at major music events across Canada including the 2003 Stage 13 in Camrose, North County Fair in Alberta, and Folk on the Rocks Festival in Yellowknife, which was broadcast by CBC Radio North; the 2002 Salmon Arm Roots'n'Blues Fest; and the 2001 Victoria Ska Fest and North County Fair.

MuchMusic featured the band in two showcases: Going Coastal in 2003 and MuchWest Indie Showcase in 2000. They also did a live interview with George Stroumboulopoulos in 2002 for Toronto's New Rock Edge 102-FM.

Band members[edit]

Nate and Mike venture off The Works Street Stage and into the crowd on Sir Winston Churchill Square.
  • Nate Connolly: Trombone
  • Rich Liukko: Guitar, Vocals
  • Jason "Skinny" Zazula: Drums, Vocals
  • "Four Fingered" Mike Johnson: Trumpet
  • Smooth: Bass
  • Jonny McCormack: Sax

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