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Birth name Shane Bunting
Also known as Mad, 57, The Misguided Angel, Little Monster, Red Flag, The General, The Underground King
Born (1971-10-21) October 21, 1971 (age 42)
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada[1]
Genres Hip hop
Occupations Rapper, songwriter, record producer, CEO
Years active 1993–present
Labels Suburban Noize Records
Associated acts Swollen Members, Snak the Ripper, Rock Steady Crew, Moka Only, Souls of Mischief, Dilated Peoples, DJ Vadim, DJ Flipout, Q-Bert, Prevail, Rob The Viking, Tre Nyce, Trash Gordon (Rapper), Gangis Khan aka Camoflauge, Young Kazh, , K then, Silance, Tech N9ne, Glasses Malone, Kc the protege, Sophia Danai, Dutch Robinson,Phil the Agony, DJ Revolution, Bonus Track, Classified, Oxxxymiron.

Shane Bunting (born October 21, 1971), better known by his stage name Madchild, is a Canadian rapper. He is part of the Vancouver-based hip hop group Swollen Members. In 2009, he released a solo EP entitled The Madchild EP. in 2012 he released his first album, titled Dope Sick and another in 2013 titled Lawn Mower Man. In 2001, he was named a member of the legendary 'Rock Steady Crew'.

Personal life[edit]

Bunting was born in North Vancouver and attended Carson Graham and Sutherland high schools. He moved to San Francisco when he was 20 years old, and returned to British Columbia in the mid-1990s.[2]

He recovered from an opioid painkiller addiction.[2]


In August 2011, he returned to his roots by taking part in a rap battle for King of the Dot. He went up against Dirtbag Dan and won on a 3-2 decision.[3] He was scheduled to return to King of the Dot in August 2012 to battle with the Australian rapper 360,[4][5] however, the battle was postponed,[6] as 360 was scheduled to receive ocular surgery at the time of the event.[7] Madchild has said that he is still interested in doing the battle.[8]


Solo releases[edit]

  • Jam Like a Tech (1994)
  • Claustrophobic EP (1995)
  • The Madchild EP (2009)
  • King Of Pain EP (2011)
  • Banned From America EP (2011)
  • M.A.D.E. (Misguided Angel Destroys Everything) (2011)[9]
  • Little Monster EP (2012)
  • Dope Sick (2012)
  • Lawn Mower Man (2013)[10]
  • Switched On EP (2014)
  • Super Beast (TBA)

With Swollen Members[edit]

With Supreme Villain[edit]


  • Young Girls EP (1993) with Flipout
  • What The Hell (1995) with Flipout
  • Perfect Strangers (1999) with Moka Only


Solo music videos[edit]

Year Song Director(s)
2011 "Hangin' On By a Thread" mr.Invisible
"Dead Man Walking Vol. 1" mr.Invisible
"Dead Man Walking Vol. 2" mr.Invisible
"Fuck Madchild" Phillip Carrer & Chad Archibald
2012 "Shit Talker" D-Shot
"Dungeon Dragon" D-Shot
"Wanted" D-Shot
"Gremlin" Gabriel Carrer
"Mr. Peter Parker Freestyle" D-Shot
"Devil`s Reject" David McDonald
"Monster" David McDonald
"Jitters" David McDonald
"Runaway" Justin Donnelly
"Broken Mirror" Patrick Lozinski
"Cyphin" D-Shot
2013 "Last Emperor" D-Shot
"Prefontaine" D-Shot
"Grenade Launcher" (feat. Slaine & Prevail ) D-Shot
"Tiger Style" D-Shot
"Nature Of The Beast" D-Shot
"Underground King" D-Shot
"It Gets Better" Jon Thomas
"Crazy" David McDonald
"Lawn Mower Man" D-Shot
"Blood Beast" D-Shot
"Chainsaw" (feat. Slaine) Slaine & D-Shot
2014 "The Adventures Of Super Beast" D-Shot
"Switched On" Ryan Lindow
"White Knuckles" Ryan Lindow
"Never Die" Ryan Lindow
"Amadeus" Ryan Lindow

Legal troubles[edit]

In early 2011, it was reported that Bunting was banned from entering the United States, due to alleged links to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Bunting said that he was detained at an American airport for approximately eight hours before being told he could not enter the country, and had been working with a lawyer in San Diego, California, to rectify the situation.[11][12] On July 11, 2013, it was announced via the Swollen Members Facebook page that Madchild was once again allowed to enter the United States.,.,.


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