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The Mad Peck is an American underground cartoonist. His work first appeared in underground newspapers like the East Village Other and the Chicago Seed in 1969. Consisting mostly of manipulated clip art from old ads, they advertised items like "GIANT INHALER" and "FREE CIGARETTE PAPERS", hippies and yippies would send 5 cents for one of his mini-comic catalogs. This led to the weekly comic Burn Of The Week which was distributed by the Underground Press Syndicate and offered phoney endorsements of Wayne Newton albums next to bong-building tips. By the mid 70s, The Mad Peck was creating a regular comic which ran monthly in Creem, and also plugged products in a bizarre pop-culture mish-mash similar to some of Bill Griffith's Zippy work. The Mad Peck also created silkscreen concert posters for Rhode Island concerts from 1966-1971, for acts including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, The Band, and Cream. His "Final Appearance" Cream poster has been widely bootlegged. His most famous poster is a comic book style Providence, Rhode Island poster that starts with the line, "Providence Rhode Island, where it rains two days out of three except during the rainy season when it snows like a bitch." The poster has been reprinted many times and is widely available for purchase throughout Rhode Island. The Mad Peck has also been known to DJ under the name "Dr. Oldie."

He is based in Providence, Rhode Island.


  • Mad Peck Studios: A 20 Year Retrospective, softcover

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