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Madame Louise is a 1951 British comedy film directed by Maclean Rogers and produced by Ernest G. Roy and starring Richard Hearne, Petula Clark, Garry Marsh and Richard Gale.[1] In order to settle her debts, the owner of a dress shop transfers control to a bookmaker. The bookmaker is wanted by a gang of criminals and much mayhem follows causing the usual stunts by Mr Pastry with much slap stick on the way . He has patented a dress, modelled beautifully by Miss Penny (Petula Clark) the resourceful assistant which transforms from a day dress to an evening dress and other modes by the removal of the sleeves, and part of the skirt . Much slapstick in involved . After a campaign of emails by Petula Clark fans Renown pictures issued this film in May 2011 on DVD as well as another Clark title THAT WOMAN OPPOSITE. Alls well at the end of MADAME LOUISE as the dress shop owner recovers her assets and all is well with Mr Pastry and the faithful Miss Penny.



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