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Not to be confused with the street performers with monkeys, which are also called "madari" in India.
Regions with significant populations
• India • Pakistan
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Related ethnic groups
FaqirJogi Faqir

The Madari are a Muslim community found in North India. They are a community of Muslim Faqirs.[1]


The Madari are followers of a celebrated Sufi saint Zinda Shah of Makanpur in Awadh. His real name was Syed Badiuddin. Shad Madar was his title. Madar means the pole of Universe. He was born in Aleppo in Syria. The saint is said to still be alive, hence his nickname of Zinda Shah or the living king. According to their traditions, Zinda Shah Madar left Syria some thousand years ago for propagada of peace, universal brotherhood and spreading the message of Muhammed, and settled in the village of Makanpur. The followers of the Sufi Tradition of Zinda Shah Madar are known as Madaris. The Genelogy of Khadims (Care Taker of Dargah) originates from Muhammed and the Madariya Sufi Brotherhood follows the Piri Muridi Tradition. (The Spiritual Leader and Disciple Tradition)

However, other sources including the sajjad-nasheen, physical and spiritual descendants of Zinda Shah, claim that Zinda Shah of Makanpur was a Syed, descendant of Muhammad. The Zinda Shah sajjad-nasheen have Badiuddin Zinda Shah Madar's family tree shows his lineage from Muhammad.[2]


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