Madden NFL 2001

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Madden NFL 2001
Madden NFL 2001 Coverart.png
Cover art featuring Eddie George.
Developer(s) EA Tiburon
3d6 Games (Game Boy Color)
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Series Madden NFL
Platform(s) PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, Windows
Release date(s) PlayStation
  • NA August 22, 2000
  • EU October 6, 2000
  • NA August 25, 2000
  • EU October 5, 2000
Nintendo 64
  • NA August 28, 2000
PlayStation 2
  • JP January 18, 2001
  • NA October 26, 2000
  • EU December 8, 2000
Game Boy Color
  • NA November 13, 2000
Genre(s) American football simulation
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer (online support)
Distribution CD-ROM

Madden NFL 2001 is an American football video game. It is the third in the Madden NFL series to include an NFL player, Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George, on its cover (the first being Madden NFL '95, which featured Erik Williams and Karl Wilson along with Madden himself). It is also the first game in the Madden NFL series to appear on the PlayStation 2 game console. This is the first Madden game to feature NFL Europe teams.


Madden NFL 2001 includes several customizable modes. Players have the ability to create a play, create a player, run a franchise, and collect Madden Cards, allowing players to perform certain actions during gameplay (for example, adding 5th downs, or limiting the CPU-controlled team to 3rd downs). The cards can also alter individual player ratings, unlock special stadiums, and unlock Hall of Fame and All-Madden teams.

The best teams in the game overall were the Jacksonville Jaguars and the St. Louis Rams with a score of 95. The worst team in the game overall was the San Diego Chargers with the score of 70. The best offense in the game belongs to the St. Louis Rams with the score of 95. A 3 way tie for the best defense in the game belongs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars with scores of 95. The best special teams in the game belongs to the Denver Broncos with the score of 95.

The game also contains 35 great games that unlocks the additional teams and stadiums.

Teams and Stadiums[edit]

Madden NFL 2001 comes with over 60 teams and over 40 stadiums. Most of the teams and stadiums are fictional like the Mummies and the Marshalls. Each fictional team has its unique type of player [for instance the mummies players would be mummies, and the marshalls players would be actual cowboys]. Fictional Stadiums are like Hot Stove Stadium for example. The list however is extensive and Madden NFL 2001 has the most teams ever in the Madden series with over 120 teams. Only about 60 of those 120-something teams will be featured in this list cause the other teams are just the teams of the past era's and decade [like the '93 Bills for example]

NFL Teams in Nickname Order: Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings

NFL Europe Teams in Nickname Order: Amsterdam Admirals, Scottish Claymores, Barcelona Dragons, Rhein Fire, Frankfurt Galaxy, Berlin Thunder

NFL All-Star Teams in Nickname Order: 99 All Madden, 98 All Madden, 97 All Madden, 96 All Madden, 95 All Madden, 94 All Madden, 93 All Madden, 92 All Madden, 91 All Madden, 90 All Madden, 89 All Madden, 88 All Madden, 87 All Madden, 86 All Madden, 85 All Madden, 84 All Madden

NFL Developer Teams in Nickname Order: Maitland Tiburon, Pleasonton Millenium, Pleasonton Super Bowl, South River Ecko, Redwood City EA Sports

NFL Fantasy Teams in Nickname Order: Giza Mummies, Hoboken Sugar Buzz, Pigskin Junction Marshalls, Shadow Gate Monsters


  • Xzibit - "The Mad in Game"
  • System of a Down's Daron Malakian, John Dolmayan, and Shavo Odadjian are featured on the unlockable team named the Ecko Team. Rapper Xzibit is also featured as the tight end.
  • Mike Metzger also appears on the Ecko Team roster as a quarterback.


Review scores
Publication Score
PlayStation Magazine 9/10[1]
Publication Award
PSM Starplayer

On release, Famitsu magazine scored the PlayStation 2 version of the game a 35 out of 40.[2] The Official UK PlayStation Magazine said that it "expertly mixes arcade action with sim-deep stats and playbooks".


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