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Maddox (writer)

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George Ouzounian
Born George Ouzounian
(1978-01-01) January 1, 1978 (age 37)
Pen name Maddox
Occupation Writer, webmaster
Nationality American
Period 1997–present
Genre Satire, fratire

Maddox is the pen name of George Ouzounian,[1] an American humorist, satirist, Internet personality, and author. He gained fame on the Internet in the early 2000s for his opinion-oriented website, The Best Page in the Universe, which he still maintains. His first book, The Alphabet of Manliness (2006), became a New York Times bestseller. He says that his pen name comes from the 1980s anime Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01.[2] He is a graduate of Woods Cross High School in Woods Cross, Utah;[3] he also attended the University of Utah, but does not hold a degree.[4]


Maddox started The Best Page in the Universe[5] in 1997. The majority of the content is satirical. Maddox reported in 2006 that the site's online store earned enough for him to "stay above water."[6] Maddox is reported to have worked as a programmer for a telemarketing company until 2004.[6][7]

On June 6, 2006, Maddox appeared at the San Diego Comic Con[8] with his comic book, The Best Comic in the Universe.[9]

Maddox's first book, The Alphabet of Manliness, was published in 2006[10] and reached number one on the sales chart. The book is illustrated and has a chapter-length entry for each letter in the English alphabet regarding a "manly" topic (for example, N is for Norris, Chuck).[1][11]

Maddox, along with Thom Beers and Dax Herrera, had been working on a reality television show for Spike TV titled Manformation, which was to showcase the experiences of everyday men in extraordinary events; however, the project was shelved.[12] In 2010 he appeared on Penn & Teller: Bullshit!'s eighth season episode "Old People" and started his own web series, The Best Show in the Universe, on YouTube.[13]

In 2011 his second book, I Am Better Than Your Kids, was published.[14] Maddox has also performed in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.[15]

In 2012, Maddox appeared in the web series Tournament of Nerds as the character Kool-Aid Man.[16][17] Maddox was also cast in the horror film Ooga Booga as the character Skeez.[18][19]

In 2014, Maddox teamed up with comedic author "Dick Masterson" -a pseudonym for Dax Herrera- to create the weekly podcast The Biggest Problem in the Universe.[20][21]

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