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This article is about the Stone Roses song. For the film, see The Stone Roses: Made of Stone. For the play by Leo Butler, see Made of Stone (play). For the 2011 song by Evanescence, see Made of Stone (Evanescence song).
"Made of Stone"
Single by The Stone Roses
from the album The Stone Roses
B-side Going Down
Released February 1989 (UK)
March 1990 (reissue)
Format CD, cassette, 7" and 12" record
Recorded Zomba's Battery Studios
Konk Studios
Genre Madchester
Length 4:11
Label Silvertone Records
Producer(s) John Leckie
The Stone Roses singles chronology
"Elephant Stone"
"Made of Stone"
"She Bangs the Drums"

"Made of Stone" is a single from The Stone Roses' eponymous début album. Jackson Pollock is referenced (along with his work No. 5, 1948) in the B-side "Going Down" in the line "Passion looks like a painting, Jackson Pollock's No. 5".

Pollock's paintings influenced the cover art that guitarist John Squire did for the album, as well as the band's musical instruments.

The band made their début on national British TV by performing this song on BBC's cultural show The Late Show in September 1989. The power went out 60 seconds into the song and Ian Brown walked off shouting "amateurs...amateurs...we're wasting our time here lads".[1]

The song was used during some of the road trip scenes in the 1997 American film, Heaven or Vegas. Also in the PSP 2005 videogame World Tour Soccer

The B-side "Guernica" (the title references Pablo Picasso's Guernica) is "Made of Stone" in reverse, but with unrelated lyrics.

John Squire said: "'Made of Stone' about making a wish and watching it happen. Like scoring a goal in a Cup final...on a Harley Electra Glide...dressed as Spider-Man".[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

7": [Silvertone ORE 2]

  1. "Made of Stone" – 4:11
  2. "Going Down" – 2:46

12": [Silvertone ORE T 2], CD: [Silvertone ORE CD 2] and CS: [Silvertone ORE C 2]

  1. "Made of Stone" – 4:11
  2. "Going Down" – 2:46
  3. "Guernica" – 4:23


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