Madeira cake

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Madeira cake
Cherry madeira cake.jpg
Cherry madeira cake with whipped cream and tea
Type Sponge cake
Course Tea or breakfast
Place of origin United Kingdom
Cookbook:Madeira cake  Madeira cake

Madeira cake is a sponge cake in traditional English cookery. It has a firm yet light texture, eaten with tea or (occasionally) for breakfast and is traditionally flavoured with lemon.[1] Dating back to an original recipe in the 18th or 19th century,[2][3] Madeira cake is similar to a pound cake or yellow cake. It is sometimes mistakenly thought to originate from the Madeira Islands; however, that is not the case as it was instead named after Madeira wine, a Portuguese wine from the Madeira Islands, which was popular in England at the time and was often served with the cake.[4][2] Nowadays, it is often served with tea or liqueurs.[3] A festive Madeira cake known as a Tunis cake topped with a ganache of chocolate and decorated with marzipan flowers and leaves is sometimes made for Christmas festivities.

It is not to be confused with the traditional cake of the Madeira Islands known as a bolo de mel.


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