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Madelaine Newton is a British actress best known for her portrayal of Dolly in 1970s BBC television drama When the Boat Comes In. She is married to actor Kevin Whately, with whom she has two children. In an accidental coincidence, she played Kevin's on-screen wife in the 1988 Look and Read children's serial, Geordie Racer.

She starred in the Inspector Morse episode Masonic Mysteries as Beryl Newsome - the love-interest of Morse. Her character was murdered during a rehearsal of The Magic Flute, in which Morse, also, was a player. The lead suspect was Morse himself after he found her body and picked up the murder weapon. In fact, Morse was the subject of a conspiracy led by Hugo De Fries - an adversary from Morse's past.

She also made an appearance alongside her husband in the Alan Plater drama 'Joe Maddison's War' playing Jenny Barlow, as well as playing the love interest of Dennis Patterson (Tim Healy) in the second series of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet alongside her real life husband.

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