Madeline and the Gypsies

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Madeline and the Gypsies is an illustrated children's novel by Ludwig Bemelmans. It features popular children's character Madeline. First Published in 1959 by Viking Press. Published by Viking Juvenile.

Pepito, the son of the Spanish Amassador invites Madeline and her fellow students to a Gypsy carnival. However, in the chaos caused by a sudden rainstorm, Miss Clavel and the other girls lose sight of Madeline and Pepito. The two children find themselves guests of the gypsies, and soon wind up part of the carnival themselves.

Madeline and the Gypsies Ludwig Bemelmans Publisher: Viking Books ISBN 0-670-44682-3 Edition: Hardcover; 1959-09-01

According to a review in Publisher's weekly, an element from this book is rehashed in a different setting for the posthumously published Madeline book Madeline in America and Other Holiday Tales

In 2008, it was adapted into a musical, with script by Barry Kornhauser and score by Michael Koerner, which premiered at The Children's Theater Company in Minneapolis, MN.