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Madelyne Woods of BET

Madelyne Woods was a cable television personality on BET throughout the 1990s. She completed graduate school at Howard University in Washington, D.C. in 1990.[1]

Not long after joining BET, she was anchoring the "BET Newsbriefs", one minute news updates that aired during program breaks. Over the span of her career at BET, she was assigned to various news / interview shows, including the opportunity to host Video LP [2] as Sherry Carter transitioned into hosting Video Soul, the flagship prime-time entertainment program for the network.[1]

Although not specifically tied to any rap-formatted show on BET, Woods maintained popularity within the Hip hop community, and was immortalized in the Tribe Called Quest song, Electric Relaxation:

"Not to come across as a thug or a hood, But hon, you got the goods, like Madelyne Woods"[3]

Her career took an unfortunate turn when she became the victim of a carjacking while running errands in D.C. She was off the air for more than six weeks as she recovered from the injuries from the incident. She eventually returned to work.[1] Woods is no longer affiliated with BET.


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