Madhav Prasad Ghimire

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Madhav Prasad Ghimire
Madhav Pd Ghimire.JPG
Born October 23, 1919
Pustun, Lamjung,Gandaki Zone, Nepal
Flag of Nepal
Occupation Poet and Scholar
Nationality Nepalese
Nepali poet and scholar Madhav Prasad Ghimire.

Madhav Prasad Ghimire (Nepali: माधव प्रसाद िघमिरे) (born October 22, 1919), is a Nepali poet. He is regarded as one of the best poet in the Nepali Language[according to whom?].In terms of popularity, excellence and acclaim, Ghimire is considered a source of inspiration in Nepali Literature. He is best known for Gauri, Malati Mangale, Himal Pari Himal Wari, Aswathama, Rajeshwari and Shakuntala. He was honoured as the Rashtra Kavi (Poet of nation) of Nepal. ,mhngbviving behind two young daughters, in the collection. The following are few verses from this book:

लक्ष्मी भै धनधान्यपूर्ण घरमा बस्नै तिमी पाइनौ
हुर्काईकन लालबाल सुखले जानै तिमी पाइनौ
लाऊँ लाउँ र खाउँ खाउँ वयमै आफू कसोरी गयौ
बन्दैमा कति हाइ हाइ सबकी, सारा रुलाई गयौ

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