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Coordinates: 26°57′05″N 85°02′52″E / 26.9515°N 85.0479°E / 26.9515; 85.0479

Madhesh Autonomous State (MAS) of Nepal, (Nepali: मधेस स्वायत्त प्रदेश) is a proposed Province in United States of Nepal interchangeably used for its Terai region. Madhesi are the native and indigenous Nepali people of Terai region of Nepal, speaking mainly Maithili (official language of Madhesh) including Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Nepali or other related Nepalese languages. The estimated population of Madheshis is 12 million. Madheshis include many indigenous tribes such as Maithils, Tharus, Rajbanshis and Santhals.


Madhesh has been a glorious centre of the Southern Nepalese Civilisation. Historically, this land has been a part of Mithila, Limbuwan, Kashi and Kosala kingdoms. Later the Shakya, Lichchavi (kingdom), Malla(Nepal) and Vajji republics flourished on this land. This land has been the birthplace of Nepali Princess Sita of Mithila, the consort of Lord Rama, and Buddha. In ancient times, this land was ruled by great kings and emperors from Bimbisar, Ajatsatru, Ashoka, and Samudragupta to King Jayabardhan Salhesh of Janakpurdham (capital at Mahisauth, Siraha, Madhesh, Nepal). During 11-14th century, the Karnat dynasty reigned Madhesh, establishing its capital at Simraungarh of Bara, Madhesh, Nepal Thereafter, during 16-18th century, the Makwanpur's Sen dynasty ruled Madhesh.

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