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Madhvani Group
Type Conglomerate
Industry Manufacturing, Tourism, Information Technology
Founded 1914
Headquarters Kakira, Uganda
Key people Mayur Madhvani
Group Managing Director[1]
Products Electricity, Matches, Insurance, Construction, Sugar, Tea, Communication, Horticulture, Software, Hotels & Resorts
Revenue US$100+ million (2009)
Total assets US$400m (2011)[2]
Employees 10,000+ (2009)
Website Homepage

The Madhvani Group of Companies commonly referred to as the Madhvani Group, is one of the largest conglomerates in Uganda, with a total asset base in excess of US$400 million, as of April 2012.[3] The group has investments in Uganda, Rwanda, Southern Sudan, Tanzania, the Middle East, India and North America.


In 1912, Muljibhai Madhvani, then aged 18, arrived in Jinja. He was able to take a humble trading concern and create a business that would later account for 10% of Uganda's GDP. His workers and their dependents have enjoyed free education, housing and healthcare under the group. The Group's businesses are run primarily by Madhvani family members but many of the newer investments are joint ventures with other businesses.

During the 1970s, the Madhvani family was expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin and their businesses were nationalized and mismanaged to near-extinction. In 1985, the family returned to Uganda and with loans from the World Bank, the East African Development Bank and the Uganda Development Bank, they resurrected and rehabilitated their businesses and started new ones.[4]

Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation[edit]

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation is a charitable trust that was set up in 1962 on the eve of Uganda's Independence to honor the vision of the late Muljibhai Madhvani (14 May 1894 – 11 July 1958), the founder of the Madhvani Empire.

The foundation awards scholarships to deserving undergraduate and postgraduate university students with limited means to study in Ugandan Universities. One of the Foundation's primary objectives is to maintain and promote scientific and technical education among the people of Uganda. Six Hundred Fifty Million Uganda Shillings (approximately US$300,000) is awarded each year under the scholarship program. Emphasis is placed on sponsorship of students in the following fields:

Subsidiary companies[edit]

The Madhvani Group includes but is not limited to the following companies:[6][7]

Prominent family members[edit]

The following are some of the prominent members of the Madhvani family:[10]

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