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For the song by Oscar Wilde, see Music based on the works of Oscar Wilde#Madonna mia.
For the collaboration of Madonna, M.I.A., and Nicki Minaj, see Give Me All Your Luvin'.

Madonna Mia is a love song that was transcribed by American gangster Al Capone while he was imprisoned in Alcatraz. It was dedicated to Father Vincent Casey, who visited the prisoners in Alcatraz frequently in the 1930s while training to become a Jesuit priest.[1]

In April 2009, a copy of the sheet music and lyrics for the song were put up for sale for US$65,000.[1] Rich Larsen with, a fan site devoted to Al Capone, re-discovered the song after more than 70 years and described it as "a tearjerker". He formed a group of musicians and a vocalist to record the song, which was released on CD May 2009.[2]


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