Madonna and Child with Saints (Signorelli, Arezzo)

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Madonna with Child and Saints
Luca signorelli, madonna col bambino e santi, arezzo.jpg
Artist Luca Signorelli
Year 1519–1523
Type Tempera on panel
Dimensions 357 cm × 248 cm (141 in × 98 in)
Location Museo di arte medievale e moderna, Arezzo

The Madonna with Child and Saints is a painting by the Italian late Renaissance painter Luca Signorelli, executed around 1519-1523. It is housed in the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant Angelo, Roma, Italy. The picture is a traditional Holy Conversation composition.


The painting was commissioned by the Brotherhood of St. Jerome in Arezzo for their seat. The work was executed in Cortona, and was brought to Arezzo by the painter himself, who was then in his seventies: here he resided in the Vasari family's house, meeting there the young Giorgio Vasari, his future biographer, who started to practice painting after Signorelli's suggestion.

It is the last work by Signorelli, who died after returning to Cortona.


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