Madou District

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Coordinates: 23°11′N 120°15′E / 23.183°N 120.250°E / 23.183; 120.250

Madou District in Tainan City
Madou District

Madou District (Chinese: 麻豆區; pinyin: Mádòu Qū; Wade–Giles: Ma2-tou4 Ch'ü1; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Moâ-tāu) is a district of about 45,199 residents in Tainan, Taiwan. It owes its name to the Siraya aboriginal word Moatau or "Mattou". Madou was formerly one of the core Siraya villages during much of Taiwan's colonial history and figured heavily in the formation of colonial policy on Taiwan. Currently, it is a well-known town in Tainan for its local culinary specialties and historical sites, and has become more prosperous in recent five years due to the presence of two universities. As an example of the increased attention Madou is receiving, the New Year Countdown Night for 2006 in Tainan was held at Madou Junior High School.[1]


Historic spots[edit]

The Madou Sugar Refinery, established in 1910 during Japanese rule, originally belonged to a Japanese corporation which ran seven refineries, of which Madou was the base. Hence, Madou Sugar Refinery has a well-planned environment, featuring a Baroque office building and a wood structure dormitory. The site is also rich with various trees, enhancing the experience of those who spend leisure time at Madou.


Shaddock is one of the special foods of Madou. It has a various nutrition. Being harvested about the time of mid-autumn,it is usually associated with Mid Autumn Festival. The Madou Farmer's Association even holds a beauty contest relevant to the shaddock every year.

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