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Maebashi Station (前橋駅 Maebashi-eki?) is a railway station on the Ryōmō Line of East Japan Railway Company (JR East) located in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

It is one of two main railway stations of Maebashi; the other is Chūō Maebashi Station of the Jōmō Electric Railway.


The station was opened by Ryōmō Railway on November 20, 1889. From August 20, 1884, Nippon Railway operated another Maebashi Station on the other side of the Tone River, but this station was closed on December 26, 1889 when a bridge across the river was completed and Nippon Railway trains began sharing the Ryōmō Railway station. Ryōmō Railway was merged into Nippon Railway on January 1, 1897 and Nippon Railway was nationalized on November 1, 1906.


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Coordinates: 36°23′01″N 139°04′25″E / 36.3837°N 139.0735°E / 36.3837; 139.0735