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The Magasház

Magasház (lit. Tall House) is an 84-metre tall high-rise building with 25 floors in Pécs, Hungary. The Magasház was built between 1974 and 1976 as a residential building. When it was inhabited, it had 800 residences. In 1989, however, it was determined that the building's inner structure was deteriorating to a dangerous extent. The building was evacuated and remains uninhabited today. There have been many plans to renovate and use the building for various purposes, but none of these were ever realized. By 2003 the building had fallen into a critical condition, so it was reinforced, but it remained out of use; it is scheduled to be demolished in 2014.

According to the list of tallest buildings and structures in Hungary, it is the tallest out-of-use building in Central Europe.

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Coordinates: 46°04′24″N 18°12′47″E / 46.07333°N 18.21306°E / 46.07333; 18.21306