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Maggie Boyle is a London-born folk singer who also plays flute, whistle and bodhrán.

As a youngster she joined the Fulham branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann.[1] Later she became an events organiser. She was a member of John Renbourn's group "Ship of Fools" (1988), which released one album on the "Run River" label, owned and operated by her then husband and fellow group member Steve Tilston.

Christopher Bruce's ballet "Sergeant Early's Dream" was made in 1984. Six musicians performed English Irish and American folk songs at the back of the stage while a dancer interprets them at the front. The 1994 CD version had the group Incantation plus the "Sergeant Early Band", including Maggie Boyle and Steve Tilston.[2]

She also performed most of the music used in the movie Patriot Games, based on Tom Clancy's novel of the same name. She is mother to Joe Tilston, guitarist of the band Random Hand.

Much of the Boyle family continue to make music today, including Ms Boyle's brother Kevin, who released his second CD since "Bon Cabbage", to which Maggie contributed, in the summer of 2009. Kevin also continues to tour and record with his band "Le Cheile".[3]

In 2012, Maggie began a website based travelogue style project to capture performances and collaborations with various folk songwriters she admires. Entitled Kitchen Songs, it includes performances and duets with Ralph McTell, Jez Lowe, Pete Coe and Steve Tilston - all recorded in their respective kitchens when she visited their homes .[4]

Also in 2012 Maggie Boyle released a solo album "Won't You Come Away" on Wild Goose Records.[5] with Paul Downes on guitar, mandocello and mandolin and Jon Boden on fiddle.


Solo albums

  • Reaching Out (1987)
  • Gweebarra (1998)
  • Won't You Come Away (2012)

Duck Baker, Maggie Boyle and Ben Paley

  • The Expatriate Game (2005)

Grace Notes (incl Maggie Boyle).

  • Down Falls the Day (1993)
  • Red Wine and Promises (1998)
  • Anchored to the Time (2001)
  • Northern Tide (2008)

John Renbourn's Ship of Fools (incl Maggie Boyle)

  • Ship of Fools (1988)

Incantation (with Maggie Boyle)

  • Sergeant Early's Dream/ Ghost Dance (1994)


  • Patriot Games (1992)
  • Legends of the Fall (1994)

Albums - with Steve Tilston

  • Silently the Snow Falls (1988)
  • Swans at Coole (1990)
  • Of Moor and Mesa (1992)
  • All Under the Sun (1996)
  • And So It Goes (1996)

Albums (unknown dates)

  • When the Circus Comes to Town (with Bert Jansch) (1995)
  • Between our Hearts (with John McCormick) (1998)
  • A Festival of Folk (Various Artists)
  • A Distance from the Town (with Gordon Tyrrall) (1998)
  • Michael is Leaving Las Vegas (with John Drury) (1998)
  • Trawlertown (with John Conolly Pete Summer) (1998)
  • Wake the Vaulted Echoes (with Peter Bellamy) (1999)
  • At Long Last (with Mike Deavin)
  • The Surprise (with Pauline Cato and Tom McConville) (1999)
  • Bon Cabbage (The Movies CB) (1999)
  • The Furrowed Field (with Damien Barber) (2000)
  • Soldiers Three (with Peter Bellamy) (1990)


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