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Magharebia is an online news web site dedicated to coverage of North Africa. Online since October 2004[1] Magharebia is the only regional website that publishes content identically in three languages; Arabic, English & French. Magharebia allows visitors to comment on its articles and translates visitor contributed comments into Arabic, English & French.

The Magharebia web site is sponsored by the United States Africa Command, the military command responsible for supporting and enhancing US efforts to promote stability, co-operation and prosperity in the region.

It covers the topics of sports, politics and business as well as other topics. Magharebia focuses on Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania. It has provided comprehensive coverage of Maghreb news events such as the December 11, 2007 Algiers bombings.[2]

Magharebia added a discussion forum in May 2009 called Zawaya[3] that features opinions by panelists from the Maghreb on various topics.


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