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This article is about the television show. For the Game Boy game or the card game on which it is based, see Magi-Nation Duel. For the earlier video game adaptation, see Magi Nation (GBC).
Genre Animated Fantasy Adventure
Starring Lyon Smith
Martha MacIsaac
Daniel Petronijevic
Rick Miller
Joseph Motiki
Alan Park
Martin Roach
Rory O’Shea
Alex Karzis
Country of origin Canada
South Korea
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (40 aired, 12 unaired)
Executive producer(s) Michael Hirsh
Wook Jung
Pamela Slavin
Hyun Dong Ahn
Toper Taylor
Producer(s) Min-Sung-Cho
Bul-Kyung Kim
Wolf Kim
Chun-Woo Lee
Marlene Schmidt
Ha-Mook Sung
Running time 0:22 per episode (without commercials)
Production company(s) Kids' WB!
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Daewon Media
Cookie Jar Entertainment
Original channel CBC Television
Original run September 8, 2007 – November 15, 2010

Magi-Nation is a Canadian–Korean animated television series based on the card game Magi Nation Duel. Co-produced byDaewon Media and Cookie Jar Entertainment, in association with The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Kids' WB!, the show premiered in Canada on September 8, 2007, on CBC Television and on September 22, 2007 in the U.S. on Kids' WB. A series of DVDs was set to be released from October 21, 2008 through January 6, 2009. The series has formerly aired in the U.S. on Toonzai on The CW,[1] and formerly on Cookie Jar Toons on This TV,[2] with the second season worldwide premiere airing on Cookie Jar Toons.[3] The show was cancelled due to low ratings of the second season. Because of that, the twelve remaining episodes have not been shown on television.


Three thousand years ago in the Moonlands, the evil Shadow Magi Agram was sealed inside the planet's core by the Core Glyph and the eleven Dreamstones which provided its power. Now he plans to escape and bring the Moonlands under his control, and only a Magi known as the "Final Dreamer" can stop him. A young boy from our world, Tony Jones, was summoned into the Moonlands. He joins forces with the apprentice Magi Edyn and the warrior Strag, and together, they set out on a mission to gather the Dreamstones before Agram is set free. With help from their ever-growing collection of Dream Creature allies and the guidance of the Book of Elders, they begin a danger-ridden adventure, battling against the evil Dream Creatures of Agram and his Shadow Magi henchmen, including the bumbling Korg and Zed.

Cast (credited order)[edit]

Guest cast[edit]



Main characters[edit]

  • Anthony "Tony" Jones: (voiced by Lyon Smith) The main protagonist, Tony was summoned here from Earth, but possesses the abilities of the Magi. He is adventurous and confident, as well as the star of his school's track team. His adventure begins when he receives a special ring from his grandfather. His main Dream Creature is Furok, a mysterious bear-like creature who is his best friend and protector. While in the Moonlands, Tony wears the garb of that world over his track team clothes from when he was transported. He could possibly be in love with Edyn, although there is also evidence of him having a crush on an Orothian named Treptika.
  • Edyn: (voiced by Martha MacIsaac) A bright and curious girl from the forests of Naroom. She has lived with her guardian, Orwin, for years and has read every book there is on the Moonlands. She's also an expert with spells. Her main Dream Creature is Ugger, a plant-like rhinoceros who cares very deeply for her (to the point where he's called her various odd pet names such as "Radiant Sweet Pea of the Forest," "Glorious Moon Bud of Naroom," and "Essence of All Leafy Goodness") and will put his hide on the line to keep her safe. She has orange hair tied in a ponytail and green eyes. Her outfit is a sleeveless red top with a green skirt made of leaves and brown boots. In her aquatic forms she has a tail in place of legs instead of flipper-feet like Tony and Strag.
  • Strag: (voiced by Daniel Petronijevic) A wise, young Magi from the caverns of the Underneath. He is a Shadow Stalker, a warrior who seeks to rid the Moonlands of the Shadow Magi. He has a large collection of relics. While he has many Dream Creatures, his main one is Freep, a turtle-like creature. Together, they are a perfect team. He has odd purple/blue hair and purple eyes. His complexion is darker compared to his friends. He dresses in a yellow shirt with orange pants and brown boots.
  • Orwin: (voiced by Rick Miller) The Elder of Vash Naroom as well as Edyn's guardian. He's a powerful Magi who acts as a friend and teacher to Tony, Edyn, and Strag. Later turned into a Shadow Magi by Korg and Zed using one of Strag's Relics in "Fiery Betrayal," but was soon turned back to normal in "The Secret Chamber."

Shadow Magi[edit]

  • Agram: (voiced by Martin Roach) The main villain of the series. 3000 years ago he was sealed away in the core of the Moonlands, and he aimed to escape. He is the leader of all Shadow Magi. When he was sealed away, he can only project his image in the Moonlands for a short time, as well as enter people's dreams to manipulate them. He supplied Korg and Zed with Dream Creatures from the Core. He was released, but sealed away again, and this time permanently by Tony, Edyn, and Strag using the powerful artifact known as the Book of Elders. However, his legacy remains in the form of lingering void energy. With the Book of Elders now in the hands of one of his former minions, the future remains uncertain. He has taken over Gorath's body in season 2
  • Korg and Zed: (voiced by Alex Karzis and Rory O'Shea), Agram's main henchmen. They are a duo of evil, yet bumbling Shadow Magi. They often attack our heroes with an arsenal of evil Dream Creatures.
  • Chur: A Shadow Magi who lives around Kybar's Teeth, when he learns that there is a Dreamstone in Kybar's Teeth he tries to steal it from Tony, Edyn and Strag. He uses a staff to cast his spells and without it, he is helpless.
  • Ashio: A Shadow Magi who was sent by Agram to destroy Paradwyn using the Blight to find the Dreamstone. He captures Bazha to try force him to reveal the location of the Dreamstone.
  • Togoth: A very powerful Shadow Magi who protected a maze-like Shadow Geyser entrance within the Core. He has a third eye which he can use as Animite to summon his Dream Creature.
  • Warrador: She is a very powerful Shadow Magi with plum coloured hair and she wears a gold earring.
  • Sikan: A Shadow Magi from Nar who relies solely on Relics, never using Dream Creatures. She traps the Guardian Hyren of Nar and tries to steal the Dream Stone.
  • Shalax: A skilled hunter used by Agram to try capture the Mythicore. He uses Relics to control other Dream Creatures and is very dangerous.


  • Ranger Dex: A Magi from Vash Naroom who teaches Tony how to use Dream Creatures and helps Tony, Edyn and Strag on many occasions.
  • Evu: Evu (voiced by Julie Lemieux) is a wise old woman who lives in Vash Naroom, she is a healer and helps Tony, Edyn and Strag in their adventure.
  • Halstead: A Nar Wanderer, who assists Tony, Edyn and Strag when they travel to Nar to help save Orwin. Being from Nar, he is adapted to extreme cold temperatures and can survive Nar's cold.
  • Iyori: Iyori (voiced by Julie Lemieux) is a young girl from Paradwyn, she arrives at Vash Naroom asking Tony, Edyn and Strag for help to save Paradwyn.
  • Bazha: The father of Iyori and wise elder of Paradwyn, he capture by a Shadow Magi to find the location of Paradwyn's dreamstone.
  • Strom: Strag's father, who is a distant relative of Agram. He disapproves of Strag being a Shadow Stalker.
  • Inara: A magi from the Underneath who was an old friend of Strag, she fell victim to Agram's influence and became a Shadow Magi. She wields three Dream Creatures disguised as a shape-shifting Dream Creature. However, Strag used his allegiance relic to change her back to good (because he loves her).
  • Shimmer: A magi from Arderial known as the Mistress of Winds. She is the Head Mistress there who teaches wind magic. Knowing Orwin, she is one of the few Arderialites who accepts outsiders. She assists Tony, Edyn & Strag when they come Arderial. She later became leader of Arderial.
  • Nimbulo: An Arderial Magistrate who dislikes outsiders, he betrays Arderial and works with Korg and Zed to disrupt Arderial's Cloud Keeper.
  • Blaira: (Voiced by Vivica A. Fox) Is a young Magi girl who falls in love with Tony.
  • Treptika: A female Magi from Orothe with a mermaid resemblance who helps Tony, Edyn and Strag to find a specific Magi in Orothe, who cast a spell on their Book of Elders. Tony had a crush on her which he tries to hide from Strag and Edyn.
  • Borse: A Magi from Orothe who challenges Tony, to try prove that he is not the grandson of Spencer Jones who was a hero in Orothe. He later tries to force Tony to fight the Cawh.
  • Bo'Ashsa: Magi leader of the Weave, she believes the Weave Dream Stone which they call the Haz-Mai protects the Weave Village and is very protective of it.
  • Gorran: A Magi from Bograth forced by Shadow Magi to transform innocent Dream Creatures into Shadow Creatures.
  • Drajan: Magi leader of the Sands of D'Resh, he is friends with Evu and attended the Council of Elders.
  • Olabra: Magi leader of Bograth, he does not believe in the legends of the Final Dreamer and wishes to use the Gear, a last resort device to destroy Agram.
  • Gazium: A Weave Architect who tried to capture one of all species to create a zoo he could launch into space, so that they would survive once the Moonlands were destroyed by Agram.

Dream Creatures[edit]

Dream Creatures: Strangely familiar to Pokémon,[citation needed] they are magical mutant animals. While they inhabit the Moonlands, they come from a place known as the Dream Plane. If a Magi is able to either defeat a Dream Creature, or somehow gain the creature's trust, that creature might grant him or her a fragment of Animite (a magic crystal) to summon that creature at anytime chosen by the Magi. This animite can be used in its pure form or forged into a ring that one can wear on their fingers. Summoning said dream creature requires the Magi to put their own energy into the crystal to bring them out along with saying "With this animite, I magine [name of creature]". If a dream creature is defeated, it simply returns to the crystal and can be summoned again as long as the magi has the needed energy. A Magi can also "recall" a creature by saying "[name of creature], to the Dream Plane". Core Creatures are a special case, since they are normally corrupted versions of existing Dream Creatures. When a Core creature is sent to the Dream Plane, it will be purified. If it exists it will become a Core creature again.

Tony's Dream Creatures[edit]

  • Furok: Tony's huge, loyal bear-like Naroom creature with antlers. While a normal Furok is brown or gray, Tony's is blue but its color changes according to its mood. If he is angry, his fur is red, and if he is feeling sick, it is green.
  • Djarmander: An ice-scorpion from Nar that can freeze things. Its name sounds similar to the Pokémon character Charmander.
  • Obsis: A small spiked snail from D'Resh who can spin to blast sand.
  • Baby Orathan: A medium-sized blue and green baby whale from Arderial that can float. He is naive and curious.
  • Parathin: A large turtle-like creature from Orothe who has a dome on its shell to allow Magi to travel underwater like a submarine.
  • Heppeswip: A friendly grass-like pig from the Weave that falls in love with Furok. She prefers to be called Swip. Furok has requested to not be summoned with her at the same time.
  • Googathan: A small black slime from Bograth. In the second season premiere it is revealed Tony renamed it Googathan
  • Epik: It is revealed in season 2 Tony has his own Epik. A bird from Arderial used to fly across the Moonlands
  • Alaban: A snake like dream creature that constricts its opponents. It comes from Arderial.
  • Hubram: Tony appears to have his own Hubram as the one he used sounds different from Strag's. They are Underneath creatures with hard skulls. their bodies are like a naked troll with blue skin and blond hair.
  • Sand Sark: A shark like creature from D'resh that can fly without wings
  • Grass Etiki: A creature from Weave whose hands are made of grass
  • Severos : An octopus like creature that comes from Orothe that can stay magined even when not on water.
  • Cave Rudwott: A pig like creature from the Underneath.
  • D'rush A wolf that comes from the Core. Only half of its body has fur.
  • Forest Plyth A butterfly made from leaves from Naroom
  • River Abaquist A jellyfish like creature from Paradwyn and Orothe.
  • Baldar A statue-like creature from Kybar's Teeth

Edyn's Dream Creatures[edit]

  • Ugger: Edyn's plant-like rhinoceros from Naroom that can shoot vines from its back.
  • Bisiwog: A small mole like creature indigenous to the Underneath with huge claws that can dig at high speeds. He was caught by Strag, but given to Edyn. He likes to be called Bisi.
  • Epik: Bird like creatures from Arderial used to fly around Arderial.
  • Balamant: A large furry dog with antennae from Naroom.
  • Brub: A small mushroom like creature that can be used as a light in the Underneath.
  • Leaf Chogo: A bird like creature from Naroom.
  • Drowl: A panther like creature from the Weave, he is very cowardly and doesn't like to be the hero.
  • D'rush: A undead wolf like creature.They were normle but with the vode energy turned into D'rush.
  • Grass Etiki: A creature from the Weave with grass for hands.
  • Carillion: An elephant from Naroom
  • Slith Giant A slithering dragon that is lava-resistant. It breathes fire and it comes from Cald.
  • Forest Plyth A butterfly made of leaves from Naroom.
  • Rudwott A salamander with leaves on it from Naroom.
  • Stagadan A pony with wings. The wings have leaves scattered all over them. Stagadan comes from Naroom.
  • Szhar A flying reptile from D'resh. It is unknown if Edyn has a Szhar, but she is seen magining Szhar in Showdown in Vash Naroom.

Strag's Dream Creatures[edit]

  • Freep: Strag's turtle-like creature from the Underneath. Freep has a good defense, but not much energy. He almost always utters, "Whose noggin needs knockin'?" whenever he's called into battle.
  • Bagala: A plant panther from Paradwyn that goes by the name Sorranther.
  • Szhar: A flying reptile from D'Resh.
  • Epik: Bird like creatures from Arderial used to fly around Arderial.
  • Primroot: A small volcano-like mushroom who blows smoke that can transform into a large fiery boar from Cald.
  • Garganor: A giant rock-like golem with moss growing on it from Kybar's Teeth. He is sometimes called Garga. When Garga was a Shadow Creature He was called "Dark Greater Garganor".
  • Ocean Strider: A bug-like creature from Orothe.
  • Foamatos: A red fat mole from the Underneath that can expand himself like a balloon to become a protective bubble that acts as a shield from attacks [though he covers everyone inside him with slime].
  • Hubram : A blue troll like creature owned by both Tony and Stragg. It has a powerful skull. It is Underneath
  • Toadhound: Is like a Dog like creature with mushroom like armor. Strag has one in the underneath named Rufus.
  • Ice Arboll: A creature from Nar that is hard, made out of ice, and can break hard things easily, especially things made out of ice.
  • Severos: An octopus creature from Orothe
  • Forest Plyth A butterfly made of leaves from Naroom.
  • Vulbor An Underneath creature that somewhat looks like a mushroom, but its hands are flat and big.
  • Silth Giant A slithering dragon that is lava-resistant. It breathes fire and is a Cald creature.
  • Mossowing A small sphere headed creature made out of moss from Bograth. It spins around to gather moss. Tony wanted to get it, but the Mossowing accepted Strag because the Mossowing was about to fall in a Void Energy swamp and Strag saved it.

Korg and Zed's Dream Creatures[edit]

  • Tragan: A Core Dream Creature used by Zed, it is a terrible beast creature that lacks the intelligence to speak.
  • Garadyn: A flying saber toothed tiger from the Core with a horn on its forehead.
  • Corathan: A large whale-like Core Creature, a warped version of an "Orathan", which is normally an Orothe creature. A Corathan has devil-like horns. Agram uses a Corathan in the first episode, which dies due to lava.
  • Dargon: A terrifying core creature with blasting wings and can reflect ice, used by Zed

Other Dream Creatures[edit]

  • Shirdor: A powerful white dragon like creature with green wings which is used by Orwin.
  • Quanjel: A furry horse from the fresh prince of balire travel far distances in mere seconds, trained Quanjel can even travel through time.
  • Epik: Bird like creatures from Arderial that Tony, Edyn and Strag use to fly around Arderial.
  • Cawh: A giant lobster like creature from Orothe who attacked the city and was defeated by Spencer Jones and Furok, then sealed away in a cave.
  • Carillion Titan: A massive elephant with trees on its back from Naroom who belongs to Evu.
  • Rock Reaper: Ugger, Furok, and Freep merged. He is used by the Final Dreamer.
  • Hyrens: Powerful Dream Creatures scattered throughout the Moonlands. They are similar to elemental dragons and are some of the most powerful creatures on the moonlands.
  • Guardian Hyrens: Guardians of the Dreamstones, they are special Hyrens who protect the Dreamstones testing to see who are worthy Magi to possess their Dream stone.
    • Kybar's Teeth Hyren: A Hyren that lives within a waterfall, she helped the Final Dreamers defeat Chur.
    • Underneath Hyren: A Hyren living in a cave surrounded by traps.
    • D'Resh Hyren: A Hyren that disguised itself as a Sandstone Gila and used mirages..
    • Cald Hyren: A Hyren that looks like a volcano, it has a green cave for a heart where it keeps its Dreamstone in green lava.
    • Weave Hyren: A lazy Hyren that prefers to rest, she gave the Dreamstone to the people of the Weave.
    • Bograth Hyren: A Hyren hidden deep underground to protect itself, it is attacked by an army of Shadow Magi.
    • Nar Hyren: A Hyren captured by a Shadow Magi, it hid the Dreamstone in a relic.
    • Arderial Hyren: A Hyren who helps save Tony, but is later corrupted by Void energy and becomes a Shadow Creature.
    • Orothe Hyren: A Hyren who protects the people of Orothe, its Dreamstone is stolen by Realm Raiders.
    • Naroom Hyren: The Hyren who protects the Naroom Dreamstone.
    • Mythicore/Paradwyn Hyren: Believed to be the Ultimate Dream Creature, it has a mane of Animite so that it can summon an army of Dream Creatures. Its animite is the Paradwyn Dreamstone itself.
    • Core Hyren: A hyren whose dreamstone was stolen by Agram, where the dreamstone was refound in Tony's Earth home.


Cookie Jar Entertainment acquired merchandising rights along with the TV show license. So far, an online computer game, Magi-Nation: Battle for the Moonlands, has been released. A new card game is also reported to be in the works.[citation needed]

DVD releases[edit]

Magi-Nation: The Moonlands, released on June 16, 2009, includes these episodes: "The Final Dreamer, Fire and Ice, Blight, Enemy in the Sands".

Magi-Nation: Fight the Shadows, released on June 16, 2009, includes these episodes: "First Geyser, Cloud Cover, Fiery Betrayal, Eyes of Agram".

In the UK, GO Entertain released episodes on DVD.

In Germany, season 1 was released on five DVDs; all contained both German and English audio tracks.


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