Magic Adventures of Mumfie

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Magic Adventures of Mumfie
Format Children's
Created by Quality Family Entertainment
Narrated by Patrick Breen
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 79 List of episodes
Running time 10 minutes
Production company(s) The Britt Allcroft Company, Lionsgate
Original channel ITV Network (CITV), Nick Jr. (UK); FOX (The Fox Cubhouse), Fox Family (US); CBC, YTV (Canada); NHK (Japan); Interdit aux Grands (France); Rai Due (Italy)
Original run 18 September 1994 (1994-09-18) – 1 October 1998 (1998-10-01)
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Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie is a classically animated children's television series and movie, inspired by the works of Katharine Tozer, with an original music score containing more than 22 songs. Created by Britt Allcroft, creator of Thomas and Friends, and directed by John Laurence Collins, Mumfie was first shown internationally in the 1990s to popular and critical acclaim.


  • Mumfie
  • Scarecrow
  • Pinkey the Flying Pig
  • The Black Cat
  • The Secretary
  • Whale
  • Pinky's mother
  • Bristle
  • Napoleon
  • The Queen of Night
  • Mr and Mrs Admiral
  • Eel
  • Davy Jones
  • Pirates

Production History[edit]

Tozer's novels were first adapted for television as Here Comes Mumfie, using puppetry, between 1975 and 1976 and broadcast on Independent Television (ITV) in the United Kingdom. Allcroft's newly created version, with an original musical score featuring 26 Broadway style songs, was broadcast on the UK's ITV network in 1994 and has since been broadcast in other countries, including the US (Fox Kids), Canada, Australia, Scandinavia, Japan and Israel.

The screen library consists of: Mumfie's Quest the movie length epic story, also broadcast as 13x10 minute serial, the Holiday Special Mumfie's White Christmas, plus Series 1 and Series 2 totaling 62 individual story episodes. After the sale of The Britt Allcroft Company in 2002, Mumfie became owned by HiT Entertainment. In 2009 Britt Allcroft bought back all the screen library, all the assets and underlying rights. Her family owned business, Britt Allcroft Productions LLV, recently announced a home entertainment distribution deal for the Mumfie screen library with Lionsgate for the U.S, U.K, Australia and many other parts of the world. They also had a partnership with United Talent Agency to handle all licensing for the Mumfie brand worldwide.

Critical Reception[edit]

During its original run, Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie received positive reviews from critics. Chicago Tribune called the show "a moving work of art" while New York Daily News describes the show as "gentle, smart and beautifully animated".

VHS releases[edit]

# VHS name Release date Episode story
1 The Beginning of Things 18 September 1994 Includes: The Beginning of Things, A Whale of Discovery, Pinky's Mysterious Island, and Definitely Danger.
2 The Queen of the Night 24 September 1994 Includes: The Queen of Night, Bottom of the Ocean Blues and Sea of Surprises.

Despite a third release was advertised on the end of the second release, it was never released.


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