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Magic Bullet Productions is an independent audio-production company[1] formed in 2000 by Alan Stevens, focusing on Doctor Who and Blake's 7 spinoff audios.[2] Originally set up to produce the Kaldor City audios,[3] in 2004 they acquired the rights to produce Lawrence Miles' Faction Paradox audio CDs.[4]

Magic Bullet Audios[edit]

  • Faction Paradox
    • Coming to Dust (2005) by Lawrence Miles
    • The Ship of a Billion Years (2006) by Lawrence Miles
    • Body Politic (2008) by Lawrence Miles
    • Words from Nine Divinities (2008) by Lawrence Miles
    • Ozymandias (2009) by Lawrence Miles
    • The Judgment of Sutekh (2010) by Lawrence Miles
  • Kaldor City
    • Occam's Razor (2001) by Alan Stevens and Jim Smith
    • Death's Head (2002) by Chris Boucher
    • Hidden Persuaders (2003) by Jim Smith and Fiona Moore[5]
    • Taren Capel (2003) by Alan Stevens
    • Checkmate (2003) by Alan Stevens
    • The Prisoner (2004) by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore (co-production with MJTV).[6][7]
    • Storm Mine (2004) by Daniel O'Mahony[8]
    • Metafiction (2012) by Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore
  • Other
    • The Time Waster (2012) by Alan Stevens
    • Radio Bastard (2013) by Alan Stevens, Fiona Moore, Robert Barringer-Lock and Steven Allen[9]

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