Magic City Memoirs

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Magic City Memoirs is a coming-of-age drama written and directed by Aaron J. Salgado and starring Natalie Martinez, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, and JR Villarreal. The title of the film refers to Miami, Florida, where the story is set and where the film was shot. The film is produced by Jaydee Freixas, Aaron J. Salgado, and executive produced by Academy Award nominated actor Andy Garcia. The film is based on true stories from Salgado and Freixas' adolescence.


In Miami, three lifelong friends, months away from high school graduation indulge in reckless behavior that finds them on the brink of either their graduation or their mortality. These three friends are from very different backgrounds. Mikey Acosta is a star high school baseball prospect, while Angel is a whiz of a student as well as the son of a prominent Miami politician. Stok is the son of an incarcerated drug lord. These three best friends attempt to navigate through their senior year amongst the pressures and temptations of the city.


Natalie Martinez as Mari
Dominik Garcia-Lorido as Veronica Suarez
JR Villarreal as Mikey Acosta
Michael Cardelle as Angel Suarez Jr.
Andres Dominguez as Stok
Julio Mechoso as Alejandro Acosta
Nestor Serrano as Angel Suarez Sr.
Jordi Vilasuso as Eric
Seth D. Miller as Jazz
Adam Senn as Charles
Katie Rotolo as Emily


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