Magnetic Hill School

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Coordinates: 46°08′10″N 64°54′43″W / 46.136073°N 64.911899°W / 46.136073; -64.911899

Magnetic Hill School
3346 Route 126
Lutes Mountain, New Brunswick, E1G 2X4, Canada
School number 1528
School board Anglophone East School District
Religious affiliation None
Superintendent Gregg Ingersoll[1]
Principal Nick Smith
School type Public coeducational combined middle and elementary school
Grades K-8
Language English, French Second-Language
Enrollment 500
Homepage [1]

Magnetic Hill School is a K-8 school in Lutes Mountain, New Brunswick, Canada.

Today's Parent named it one of the top 40 schools in Canada,[2] and former principal Carolyn Norman was named as one of Canada’s Outstanding Principals in 2005 by The Learning Partnership and the Canadian Association of Principals. Magnetic Hill continues to be a high achieving school with many ongoing community partnerships and programs. [3]

Malcolm Ross[edit]

The school received media coverage in the early 1990s when one of its teachers, Malcolm Ross, was involved in a human rights complaint by a local Jewish parent. Ross had published and distributed anti-Semitic literature, including Holocaust denial. The case eventually led to Ross being dismissed from his teaching job, but was made the school's librarian, because it was a non-teaching job.[4]


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