Magnifique-class ship of the line

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Class overview
Name: Magnifique
Builders: Toulon
Operators:  French Navy
In service: 1750 - 1798
Completed: 3
General characteristics
Type: Ship of the line
Displacement: 1500 tonnes
Length: 53.6 metres
Beam: 14 metres
Draught: 6.6 metres
Propulsion: Sail
Armament: 74 guns
16 x 8-pdr long guns
Armour: Timber
Notes: Ships in class include: Magnifique, Guerrier, Entreprenant

The Magnifique class was a type of three 74-gun ships of the line.

Launched: 1750
Fate: 1782, Grounded on sandbar off Lovells Island, Boston, MA, USA
Builder: Toulon
Ordered: 18 September 1750
Launched: 9 September 1753
Fate: Burnt by the British after the Battle of the Nile, 2 August 1798