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Magnus is a Belgian joint dance project of Tom Barman (from the rock band dEUS) and CJ Bolland. Magnus' debut album, The Body Gave You Everything, was released on March 29, 2004. Two of its tracks, "Summer's Here" and "Jumpneedle", were released as singles.

"Summer's Here" (which uses a sample of Donald Byrd's song "Christo Redentor") and "Rhythm Is Deified" also appeared on the soundtrack of Barman's 2003 film Any Way the Wind Blows.

Although Tom Barman and CJ Bolland claim to have no plans with Magnus they often still perform together as DJ's on several festivals.

In 2014 the band released a new single called Singing Man, with vocals by Tom Smith, leader of Editors.


Album Label Year
The Body Gave You Everything Bulbus 2004
Where Neon Goes To Die Caroline Distribution, Universal Music Belgium, Bulbus 2014

Singles & Ep's[edit]

Single / EP Label Year
Summer's Here (CD, 12") Universal Music Belgium 2003-2004
Jumpneedle (CD, Single) Universal Music Belgium 2004
Hunter/Collector E.P. (CD, EP) Universal, Island 2004
Magnus / Ultrasonic7 - Radar Remixes 02 (12") Radar Records 2011
Singing Man / Puppy (7") Universal Music Belgium 2014

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