Magnus Harmonica Corporation

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Magnus Chord Organ Model 300
Magnus Chord Organ Model 670
Magnus Chord Organ Model 890
Magnus Chord Organ, Chord Pad, Model 890
Magnus Chord Organ Model 890, manufacturer stamp
Magnus Chord Organ Model 890, inside blower detail

The Magnus Harmonica Corporation was founded in 1944 in Linden, New Jersey. The company sold and distributed children's harmonicas and mechanical reed organs, which used a unique (for the time) molded-plastic reed comb, giving it lower production costs and a distinct sound compared to other free reed aerophones with metal reeds. Later, Magnus introduced its electric chord organs, which were in production until the late 1970s. Early Magnus Chord Organs were either laptop or tabletop models, with some of the later models having integrated legs and music stand.


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