Magog River

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Magog River (Rivière Magog)
Rivière Magog.jpg
View of Magog River at the edge of Sherbrooke.
Country Canada
Province Quebec
Region Estrie
 - left Red Brook
 - right Grass Island Brook, Black Brook, Nick Brook, Dodds Brook
Cities Magog, Quebec, Sherbrooke
Source Lake Memphremagog
 - location Magog, Estrie, Quebec, Canada
 - elevation 208 m (682 ft)
 - coordinates 45°15′43″N 72°9′32″W / 45.26194°N 72.15889°W / 45.26194; -72.15889
Mouth Saint-François River
 - location Sherbrooke, Estrie, Quebec, Canada
 - elevation 152 m (499 ft)
 - coordinates 45°24′20″N 71°53′25″W / 45.40556°N 71.89028°W / 45.40556; -71.89028Coordinates: 45°24′20″N 71°53′25″W / 45.40556°N 71.89028°W / 45.40556; -71.89028
Length 31.8 km (20 mi)
Basin 1,900 km2 (734 sq mi)
 - average 14.16 m3/s (500 cu ft/s)
Map of the Saint-François River watershed

The Magog River is a river that drains Lake Memphremagog. In turn, the river drains into the Saint-François River.

The cities of Sherbrooke and Magog, Quebec, lie on the Magog River.

Engineers from the Université de Sherbrooke have constructed a plastic bridge on the river.[citation needed][where?]


Dams on the Magog River, in chronological order of their construction
Name Location Years in operation
Austin-Taylor Dam Magog 1796-1822
Hyatt-Ball Dam Sherbrooke 1802-1842
Weatherbee Dam Magog 1822-1883 (reconstructed in 1853)
Goodhue Dam Sherbrooke 1828-1854
5th BALC Dam Sherbrooke 1842-1910
4th BALC Dam Sherbrooke 1849-1919
1st BALC Dam Sherbrooke 1854-1926
3rd BALC Dam Sherbrooke 1871-1902
2nd BALC Dam Sherbrooke 1877-1916
MT&P Dam Magog 1883-1915
BALC Dam Sherbrooke (Deauville) 1883-1911
Hydro-Magog Dam/hydroelectric center Magog 1897-1911
Frontenac I Dam/hydroelectric center Sherbrooke 1902-1916
Drummond Dam/hydroelectric center Sherbrooke 1908–present
Abénaquis Dam/hydroelectric center (previously known as SR&P) Sherbrooke 1910–present
La Grande-Dame Dam/hydroelectric center (also known as Hydro-Magog II) Magog 1911–present
Rock Forest Dam/hydroelectric center Sherbrooke (Rock Forest) 1911–present
Frontenac II Dam/hydroelectric center Sherbrooke 1916–present
Memphrémagog Dam/hydroelectric center (also known as Dominion Textile) Magog 1920–present
Paton Dam/hydroelectric center Sherbrooke 1927–present