Magomed Abdusalamov

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Magomed Abdusalamov
Real name Magomed Abdusalamov
Nickname(s) Mago
Rated at Heavyweight
Height 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Nationality Russia Russian
Born (1981-03-25) 25 March 1981 (age 33)
Makhachkala, Dagestan ASSR, USSR
Stance Southpaw
Boxing record
Total fights 19
Wins 18
Wins by KO 18
Losses 1
Draws 0
No contests 0

Magomed Abdusalamov (Russian: Магомед Абдусаламов) (born March 25, 1981) is a Russian former professional boxer who fought in the heavyweight class.[1] Abdusalamov won the Russian national amateur titles as a super heavyweight in 2005 and 2006, and became a professional boxer in 2008. He fought nineteen times as a professional, winning his first eighteen by knockout, and lost once.

Abdusalamov was forced to retire from boxing after his fight against Mike Perez, which took place on November 2, 2013 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, due to a severe brain injury suffered during the fight which Abdusalamov lost by unanimous decision.

Early life[edit]

Magomed Abdusalamov was born in Dagestan’s capital city of Makhachkala on March 25, 1981. He grew up in a strict Muslim household and was his parents’ first male child. Growing up in large family from an early age his hard-disciplining father pushed his son into sports as a way to shelter him from the growing violence and crime in the city.[2]


In spite of his success at the nationals 2005 and 2006, hard-punching southpaw Abdusalamov stood in the shadows of Islam Timurziev who was regularly sent to international competitions ahead of him.

He did not qualify for the 2008 Olympics after losing to eventual Bronze medalist David Price in a qualifier.

Professional boxing career[edit]

He turned pro in 2008 and won his first four bouts for Warriors boxing.

Of his nineteen professional fights he got eighteen wins, all by KO or TKO.

In September 2012 he was dropped hard by Jameel McCline in the first round, but won by TKO in the second round to win the vacant World Boxing Council USNBC Heavyweight title at Olympiyskiy in Moscow, Russia. He defended the USNBC title twice with stoppage wins in 2013, against Victor Bisbal in Atlantic City, New Jersey in March 2013, and Sebastian Ceballos in Buenos Aires, Argentina in April 2013.

In November 2013 Abdusalamov lost his WBC USNBC heavyweight title on points to Mike Perez over 10 rounds at Madison Square Garden in New York City. One judge had the close bout only 95-94 for Perez. Abdusalamov took many big shots from the seventh round on, but did not go down. Immediately after the fight, Abdusalamov took a taxi to Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan, New York.[3]

Brain injury[edit]

At Roosevelt Hospital he was found to have a large blood clot on the brain. He also incurred injuries to the left hand and nose, along with cuts and bruises from the bout. Doctors put Abdusalamov into medically induced coma as a way to give the swelling in his brain time to subside. Shortly after being put into a coma, he suffered a stroke leading doctors to fear he was going to die.[4] On November 6, 2013, his condition was described as critical but stable.[1]

Abdusalamov's wife, Bakanay Abdusalamova, and their three daughters were with him in hospital.

Doctors briefly awakened Abdusalamov from his medically-induced coma and removed his a respirator on the morning of 22 November.[5] He was brought back into medically-induced coma later that day as a precautionary measure after his temperature rose to 103 degrees.[6]

On Monday December 9, Lewkowicz reported that the 32-year old heavyweight was again out of coma, awake and aware of his surroundings, and that his condition had improved sufficiently to allow him to be moved to a regular room. "They said this is different than last time, because this time he's showing more improvement. He's awake. He's not able to speak, but he's awake and aware of his surroundings even if he can't speak. His eyes are open," said Lewkowicz.[7]

On December 19, 2013, the neurosurgeon attending to Abdusalamov said in his opinion, Abdusalamov's career was over despite his condition improving. "He's going to get better, I'm confident," Dr. Rupendra Swarup said, "but he will not be the same. He's going to have neurological deficits."[8]

In late May 2014, his wife Bakanay Abdusalamov told that Magomed was showing signs of improvement - he could recognize relatives, understand everything they were telling him, and was able to speak in short sentences with a low voice.[9]

Medical bills[edit]

With Abdusalamov's family facing "staggering" medical bills from the very start, promoters Sampson Lewkowicz, Lou DiBella, Leon Margules, and others called for donations and set up a trust fund. The abdusalamova family is also accepting donations directly[10] and boxing charity Ring 10 has similarly called for donations.

News reports didn't clarify those who set up trust funds put money themselves into said trust funds.

In February 2014 it was reported that the family would sue the New York State Athletic Commission seeking damages.[11]

Professional boxing record[edit]

18 Wins (18 knockouts, 0 decisions) 1 Loss
Res. Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
Loss 18-1 Cuba Mike Perez UD 10 2013-11-02 United States New York City, New York First pro loss.
Win 18-0 Argentina Sebastian Ignacio Ceballos TKO 1 (10) 2013-04-27 Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Win 17-0 Puerto Rico Victor Bisbal TKO 5 (10) 2013-03-08 United States Atlantic City, New Jersey
Win 16-0 United States Jameel McCline TKO 2 (10) 2012-09-08 Russia Moscow
Win 15-0 United States Maurice Byarm TKO 2 (10) 2012-06-07 United States Las Vegas, Nevada
Win 14-0 United States Jason Pettaway TKO 4 (10) 2012-03-17 United States New York City, New York
Win 13-0 United States Pedro Rodriguez TKO 2 (4) 2012-02-03 United States Las Vegas, Nevada
Win 12-0 United States Rich Power TKO 3 (8) 2011-11-20 United States Las Vegas, Nevada
Win 11-0 Japan Masataka Takehara KO 1 (6) 2011-10-28 United States Salinas, California
Win 10-0 United States Kevin Burnett TKO 1 (6) 2011-10-01 United States Atlantic City, New Jersey
Win 9-0 The Bahamas Jerry Butler TKO 2 (6) 2010-12-07 United States Hollywood, Florida
Win 8-0 United States Keon Graham KO 1 (4) 2010-10-22 United States Miami, Florida
Win 7-0 Kenya Raymond Ochieng TKO 1 (6) 2010-02-06 Russia Moscow
Win 6-0 United States Ryan Shay TKO 1 (4) 2009-10-31 United States Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Win 5-0 Uzbekistan Sherzod Mamadjanov KO 1 (6) 2009-07-02 Russia Moscow
Win 4-0 United States Larry White TKO 1 (4) 2009-03-27 United States Tampa, Florida
Win 3-0 United States Maurice Winslow TKO 1 (4) 2009-02-27 United States Hollywood, Florida
Win 2-0 Tanzania Bernard Mwakasanga TKO 1 (4) 2008-11-21 Russia Saint Petersburg
Win 1-0 Ghana Epiphanie Pipi KO 1 (4) 2008-09-06 Russia Moscow Professional debut.


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