Magu District

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Magu District
Map of Mwanza's Districts (pre-2012)
Map of Mwanza's Districts (pre-2012)
Coordinates: 02°30′S 033°30′E / 2.500°S 33.500°E / -2.500; 33.500Coordinates: 02°30′S 033°30′E / 2.500°S 33.500°E / -2.500; 33.500
Country Tanzania
Region Mwanza Region
UFI -2567436

Magu District[1] is one of the seven districts of the Mwanza Region of Tanzania, East Africa. Its administrative centre is the town of Magu on the Simiyu River. It is bordered to the north by Lake Victoria, to the south by Kwimba District, Misungwi District and the Shinyanga Region, to the east by the Shinyanga Region, and to the west by the city of Mwanza.

As of 2002, the population of Magu was 416,113.[2]

Administrative subdivisions[edit]


For parliamentary elections, Tanzania is divided into constituencies. As of the 2010 elections Magu District had two constituencies:[3]


As of 1997, Magu District was administratively divided into six divisions: Kivukoni, Busega, Itumbili, Sanjo and two others.[4] It has been reorganised since.


As of 2002, Magu District was administratively divided into twenty-seven wards.[2] As of 2012, it was divided into sixteen wards having undergone considerable reorganisation.[5]

2002 wards[edit]

The twenty-seven wards in 2002:

2012 wards[edit]


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